Customer Reviews

Love, love, love Brand Squawk.  I have given many sweatshirts/t-shirts to my friends and family for gifts, not to mention the ones I've gotten for myself.  Always happy with the quality, speed of delivery and price point. I am always eager to see the new items posted. Thanks for making comfort look so good. I am a loyal Squawker!

Leah Nickerson, Langley BC

I am a huge fan of Brand Squawk!! I love the creativity you put into each piece you design. The clothing is multi functional and makes a statement no matter which piece I purchase and wear! I have had so many compliments from perfect strangers and I always tell them where they can order their own special piece(s).  I love how easy it is to order what I need even when it’s a gift like sending pieces to my niece in New Zealand! You made her parcel extra special by adding your own touch and special treats for her! I wish you continued success!

Charlene Morgan, Surrey BC

Brand Squawk is my go to retailer when looking for a piece of statement clothing. Not only is the customer service exceptional but the tee-shirt statements are little reminders of how to live your best, most authentic life. Reach your dreams, grab life by the horns, and go get your Brand Squawk tee today.

Tanya Williams, Surrey BC

I recently bought 2 items from Collette at Brandsquawk and had such awesome service and love the product! A fun t shirt and a great warm sweatshirt are what I bought! Despite me messing up my order and sizes twice, Collette was super flexible and kind in her dealings with me and only too happy to exchange for me to make sure I was happy! And I am. I highly recommend you checking out their great clothing:)

Barb Ball, Langley BC

Love my one and only purchase to death.  Can’t wait to get more stuff.

Jill Leduc Coquitlam, BC

Love your clothing just placed another order to share with my daughters and daughter in-law!  Keep up the good work!

Gillian Sharpe, Richmond BC

 My absolute FAVOURITE, hands down, is this small Canadian shop Brand Squawk. Great comfort fit and quality.

Abbie Ginther, Warman SK